BendBroadband is available in Oregon with internet speeds as fast as 1 gig where available. Start reading below for our full 2023 BendBroadband review.

BendBroadband Internet Review 2023

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Based out of the Central Oregon area, BendBroadband is a leading high-speed internet service provider that at the moment serves only customers who are located in the state of Oregon. Without any fancy packages or gimmicks, this medium-sized ISP offers a simple, straightforward product – internet that delivers fast speeds, reliable service, home WiFi service, and access to 24/7 tech support.

BendBroadband offers three distinct packages for internet service that have some unique and helpful features and well as plans for TV and phone service. Since Oregon is currently the only state with access to BendBroadband, it’s a good idea to check online first and see if service is available in your part of the state by entering in your area’s zip code.

Packages and Pricing

With BendBroadband, customers can choose from their three available packages (laid out in the chart below) that have been designed to suit various types of internet users.

Plan Data Limit Download Speed # of Devices Price
Ultra 100 500 GB 100 Mbps 1-5 $44.99
Ultra 300 750 GB 300 Mbps 6-10 $54.99
1Gig 1000 GB 1 Gig 10+ $79.99

If you bundle one of the three internet plans with Freedom TV package or higher you will have no data limits.

With each of these packages, there is a one-year guaranteed price lock when you sign up, meaning that the price will stay the same throughout the first full year of service and rate increases will not kick in until after those 12 months. It’s important to note also that all three internet packages have data caps unless paired with a Freedom TV package or higher, in which case there would no longer be a limit on data usage.

Customers who exceed their data limit with incur a charge of $10 as well as an extra $10 for every 50GB used after that. These $10 charges are capped at $30 a month, but still, that extra $30 each month for going over your monthly usage can really add up.

To keep track and monitor your usage, you can log into your account online or set up automatic text or email notifications to stay on top of your data and manage it.

The internet packages have the following monthly data usage limits:

  • Ultra 100 – 500GB data usage allowance
  • Ultra 300 – 750GB data usage allowance
  • 1Gig – 1000GB data usage allowance

Ready To Try Bend Broadband or Want to Learn More?

BendBroadband Modem & Router Review

BendBroadband, like many other ISPs, rents their equipment for a monthly fee of $10. For this price, they offer a dual-band advanced modem, meaning that the modem and router come in one piece of equipment for easier installation. The advanced wireless modem is a DOCSIS 3.0 model and is said to improve connection throughout your entire home and create an online experience that is smoother and stronger. In addition to a faster WiFi signal, the dual device also increases network security. There’s also no installation fee, but BendBroadband will have to run a soft check on your credit before you can be approved for service.

Customers also have the option to waive the monthly equipment fee of $10 if you have a compatible modem and router, or a modem/router combo.

Features and Benefits

BendBroadband has quite a few benefits for their customers:

Free Email Accounts

Included in the cost of your internet services is access to 10 BendBroadband email accounts which can be accessed via POP, IMAP, or online through the provider’s webmail platform. Each individual email account has 1 GB of email storage as well as spam blockers to keep your inbox free of junk and potential phishing emails.

Kick Up Your Speed

SpeedBoost is a feature that BendBroadband offers to customers who might need a little kick while using a device. With SpeedBoost, you can get a burst of download speed to use so you can be sure that your video, downloads, or web pages load quickly and without issues or lag.

Test Your Speeds

Not sure if your current internet is up to par? Their free speed test allows you to check immediately if your service is moving at the speeds that your provider promised it would.

Experience Top Internet Security

After signing up with BendBroadband, customers will receive a free 30 days to experience Internet Security from TDS® after which you’ll be billed $3.95 for the 3-license pack and $6.50 for the 10-license pack unless you choose to cancel before then. The security software can be used on computers, tablets, cell phones to protect from viruses, block malicious sites, increase your privacy, and so much more!

PC Support to Easily Resolve Issues

BendBroadband offers a subscription service called Remote PC Support that gives customers access to expert technicians directly from your desktop so they can help you solve issues through remote internet sessions. For just $12.95 a month, trained remote technicians can help restore PC safety, optimize your PC with a quick tune-up, help you set up devices like printers or digital cameras, or perform general internet troubleshooting.

Customer Service

GotW3 Customer Service
GotW3 Customer Service

As previously mentioned, one of the ways in which you can access expert, professionally-trained technicians is through Remote PC Support. In the event of an issue, whether it’s setting up a new device on your computer or troubleshooting a random problem you’re currently experiencing on your laptop, a tech can quickly begin a remote session on your computer to help resolve your problem.

Keep in mind that customers as of late have noticed most of the technicians are now no longer local to Oregon, meaning that BBB has probably shifted their customer support overseas. In the event of power outages, some customers have reportedly lost connection that takes a while to fix, as well as lost connection on days when general power outages were not the cause and claimed that customer support was not helpful.

However, each review must be taken with a grain of salt – there are reviews that say just the opposite of the negative ones, and are written by customers who say they appreciate the services they’ve received thus far from BBB and love that they’re supporting a local company.

Other Way to Get Support

The online pop-up chat on the website can also be helpful by connecting you with a live representative, or you can call BendBroadband directly at 541.382.5551 or fill out a contact form. For the most part, calling is your best bet for getting issues resolved quickly, and many customers have reported that they’ve been connected with customer service representatives who are friendly and helpful in getting questions answered and problems solved relatively quickly.

Ready To Try Bend Broadband or Want to Learn More?

Ways to Save on BendBroadband Internet

Purchase Your Own Modem & Router

Save $120 a year by purchasing your own modem and router to waive the $10/month equipment fee. If using already purchased equpiment make sure its compatible with BendBroadband.

Try Before You Buy

Why commit to a plan for a year when you can test-drive it first? With BendBroadband, if you’re not satisfied with your connection during your first 30 days of service, you can cancel your plan and get your money back.

Bundle Your Services

If you’re already in the market for a new TV provider, then give BendBroadband a shot! When you bundle a Freedom TV package or higher with an internet plan, you automatically receive unlimited data, so there’s no more worrying about exceeding your limit and incurring additional fees as a result.

Don’t Cancel After the First 30 Days

If you do cancel services after the initial 30-day period, you as the customer are responsible for the remainder of the charges, and any discounts, promotional credits, or waivers you were given at the start of the contract are included in the amount you will have to pay back.

Return Your Equipment

Like many other ISPs, BendBroadband rents their equipment out, meaning that if you damage it during your service period or do not send it back at the end of your contract if you choose not to renew, you’ll be responsible for the cost.

Our Recommendation – BendBroadband Internet

Overall, BendBroadband is a decent company. The prices are not too steep for the speeds and data they offer, but data caps and equipment rental fees are never a fun thing to factor into the monthly cost of your internet service. One of the major downsides is, of course, that they’re only available in parts of Oregon and there hasn’t been much news about whether or not they plan to ever expand their services to other states or regions.

If you’re looking to switch your TV service, bundling your TV and internet could make financial sense for you, and you’d get to enjoy zero data limits on your internet service. Just be sure to check the channels that they offer in each package so you don’t end up paying for a bunch of channels that you’ll never end up watching.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In case you’re still unsure about them, one of the perks of BendBroadband is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee in which they promise that if you are not satisfied with your internet services after 30 days, they’ll refund you the money you paid for it. If you’re really dissatisfied with your current ISP, it can’t hurt to give BendBroadband a try.

In fact, during the first 30 (free) days, it would be a good idea to use the speed test on your service and compare it to the speed you were receiving with your old provider to see if what you’d get with BendBroadband is better than what you’d had previously.

Is Bend Broadband Right For You?




  • Sufficient data speeds
  • Unlimited data when paired with TV package
  • 12-month price lock


  • Only available in areas of Oregon
  • Charges incurred for going over data
  • Rental fee for equipment

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