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Broadband Q Wireless is a 4G LTE internet provider available nationwide and in rural areas where no other high speed internet options exist. Start reading below for our full 2023 Broadband Q Wireless review.

Broadband Q 4G Wireless Internet Reviews 2023

Packages & Pricing | Modem & Router | Features | Customer Service | Final Recommendation

Focusing mainly on hospitality businesses and rural communities, Broadband Q is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) aiming to provide high-speed internet throughout the United States.

They offer LTE and 4G internet solutions to rural areas, giving much-needed internet reliability where no other viable high-speed options exist. Their services, starting at $99 per month, cover 98% of US residents across all states with no contracts or credit checks.

Packages and Pricing

Unlike other MVNOs, Broadband Q doesn’t have plans depending on the carrier they have contracts with but based on the amount of data that is included in the plan.

The plan options include:

  • Silver Plan – for $99/month, the Silver plan will give you 30GB of data for the month.
  • Gold Plan – for $129/month, you can get 50GB of monthly data.
  • Platinum Plan – this is the only plan that advertises unlimited data, and it will cost you $149/month.

All plans are advertised with download speeds up to 50Mbps and unlimited streaming of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services.

But, be aware that you’ll need to configure your streaming settings to play at 480p quality, and double-check your data usage because once you reach your data cap for the month your speed will be throttled.

Network Management and Performance

Broadband Q states that the speed of the service depends on how close you are to data towers, on the topography of your area and elevation of your home, as well as weather conditions.

Current network capacity also plays an important factor in how your connection will behave. As an MVNO, Broadband Q is dependent on the carriers and their network capabilities to deliver their internet services to you. They are not the owner of any infrastructure; they simply have contracts with US mobile carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile to use whatever capacity is left on their cellular towers to bring internet to rural areas of the US.

If there is an increase in connections and the network lacks capacity, all customers on the network will experience lower speeds. The carrier will prioritize its direct customers above everyone else so Broadband Q customers using these towers will be a lower priority.

That said, as Broadband Q focuses heavily on rural areas, most customers don’t seem to experience high levels of congestion.

Other Services

Unlike other MVNOs, Broadband Q offers home phone services too, and each of their internet plans comes with three months of free home phone service. After that, customers who wish to keep the service will have to pay $39.00/year.


Broadband Q offers month-to-month prepaid services, so there are no additional fees except the monthly fee to worry about.

However, before you can start using their services, you will have to pay the equipment activation fee, which is a $199.00 one-time charge. As well as the first month of service, so your bill for the first month will be between $298.99 and $348.99 plus a $20 shipping fee.

Note: If you discontinue your services with Broadband Q, and then want to reinstate them, you’ll have to pay the activation fee again.

Data Overages

Another point to note is that Broadband Q charge extensively if you go over your data cap. Currently, their prices are $10 per GB which is higher than many other providers.

Broadband Q Modem & Router Review

Broadband Q doesn’t mention the exact model of equipment they are giving to their users, but their router seems to be one of the better deals out there.

Their FAQ states you will get a commercial-grade wireless router and modem with multiple ports, bundled with two 2.4 GHz antennas and two 5.0 GHz antennas. There is no setup required for the router; it comes already set up, so you just plug it in, but some users state that you might also get a mobile hotspot instead.

All the equipment has a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, so the event of any issues, you won’t have to replace it.

Also, be aware that you do not own the router or hotspot you will get, and if you cancel their services, you will be expected to send it back. The activation fee only covers the actual account setup and support. There is no information on whether you can use your own device instead of theirs, so it’s best to call Broadband Q directly to check.

Features and Benefits

Money-back guarantee

There’s a ten-day trial period where you can test how their services work, and if you’re not satisfied, you will get a refund for both the first month and the one-time activation fee.

After the trial, you will not be eligible for a refund, so make sure you start the cancellation within the first 10 days and follow the instruction you’ll get from their customer support to the letter.

*There’s also mention of a Static IP address for $15/month according to their Facebook, but there’s no mention of it on their main site, so be sure to check with them.

Customer Service

Broadband Q customer service can be reached by calling 800-408-6820 or sending them an email at [email protected]. While they do have a Facebook page, it doesn’t seem to be overly active as of late.

Information on customer satisfaction is scarce, but what little is available reveals that most customers are satisfied with their services and state that Broadband Q is the best option out of all other alternatives.

One thing that seems to be a common complaint is that customers don’t seem to have a say in what type of device they will be getting—router or hotspot—so double-check this with their customer support before you finish signing up.

There is also no direct way to order their services online. You can sign up and fill out all the information on the site, but customer support will call you to finish up the buying process.

Ways to Save on Broadband Q Internet

Check your data consumption regularly

Two out of three Broadband Q plans have data caps, with data overage fees being ridiculously high—$10 for each GB over the cap. For comparison, most other internet providers charge between $10 and $15 for every 50GB. Make sure you are aware of how you spend your monthly data and limit activities that require lots of data.

Keep your streaming to 480p

Broadband Q offers unlimited streaming with select streaming services. Limiting your resolution to 480p won’t be counted towards your monthly data limit. But first, check that your streaming service provider is on Broadband Q’s list.

Our Recommendation – Broadband Q Internet

For light and everyday users, Broadband Q is a great choice. Their coverage is good, and for most rural areas, you won’t experience congestion that would lead to typical slowdowns in your service.

If you want to stream or have smart devices that use lots of data, you’ll need the unlimited Platinum plan which is more expensive and might be worth looking around to check other available services in your area.


Broadband Q


  • No contracts
  • Good coverage and accessibility
  • Unlimited streaming services in each plan*


  • Very limited data in most plans
  • High prices on data overages
  • Heavily managed network

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