EarthLink is a DSL, cable and fiber internet provider with nationwide coverage and internet speeds as fast as one gig. Start reading below for our 2023 EarthLink review.

EarthLink Internet Review 2023

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Earthlink carries a wide array of network options and price offerings, from affordable data-light DSL to more premium ultra-fast fiber optic packages. Though some hidden fees hamper the experience, Earthlink’s emphasis on security, range of available packages and efforts to improve their customer support make it a very appealing option.

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Packages and Pricing

Plan Price Max Download Speed
15 Mbps $49.95/mo. 15 Mbps
30 Mbps $59.95/mo. 30 Mbps
80 Mbps $59.95/mo. 80 Mbps
115 Mbps $59.95/mo. 115 Mbps
500 Mbps $69.95/mo. 500 Mbps
1 Gig $89.95/mo. 1 Gbps
2 Gig $129.95/mo. 2 Gbps
5 Gig $189.95/mo. 5 Gbps

Earthlink offers a wide range of plans, from simple data-lite plans for infrequent internet users up to massive 5 Gbps plans for those who use the internet intensively day-after-day. The degrees of options in between those two extremes are convenient for fitting with most varieties of users too, with up to 8 plan options available depending on your personal data needs and budget.

All of these plans are also offered free from data caps to use or credit checks to sign up, so your internet use won’t be restricted if you use it heavily and spotty credit won’t keep you from benefitting from an EarthLink plan. 

Earthlink Modem & Router Review

EarthLink Router

EarthLink charges $12.95/month for router rental, and this is after a one-time $79.95 professional installation fee. 

If you plan on having EarthLink service for more than a year it’s recommended to purchase your own modem and router. If you have both of these ready when getting installed, your service technician will get both of these up and running for you. It’s best to then reach out to EarthLink customer support to make sure your $12.95/mo fee is waived. 

Features and Benefits

The least expensive option available

For entry-level broadband, no other internet service provider comes close to EarthLink’s cost-saving credentials. If you’re working on a tight budget and have priorities more important than bells-and-whistles broadband, EarthLink offers a viable alternative. Although download speeds have progressed dramatically since the heyday of dial-up, this simple approach to connectivity still has an important purpose, which makes EarthLink’s continued offering quite admirable.

Great Light Use Plans

Not all internet users have heavy-duty requirements. While streaming and online gaming are an essential part of modern life for many people, others have lighter internet demands. There’s no need to spend excessive amounts on an elaborate package if your household only needs enough data to send emails, check the news, make an online order, and do some internet banking. The DSL Internet option is perfect for people who are light users but want the flexibility of extra capacity and Wi-Fi connection when required.

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Customer Service

In the past Earthlink has not been well-known for its glittering customer service, although big improvements have been made more recently. The year 2005 was a difficult one for the business, and cost-cutting measures included closing down US call centers, resulting in thousands of job losses. Customer service was outsourced to international representatives, but Earthlink now has a goal to move all of their call centers back to the U.S.

The same is true of technical support. The restructuring in 2005 led to maintenance being performed by third-party technicians and the quality tended to be hit-and-miss, but they’ve been working to empower their customer service representatives to make more decisions, leading to less hold times and fewer transfers.

Customers can contact support services by phone, email, and live chat. It can take several days to receive a response by email, and phone wait times are often long, so live chat is recommended in the first instance. However, Earthlink is affecting change with a new system that ensures that, if you need to contact their support multiple times, that you’ll be connected to the same agent you already talked to, which enhances the overall support experience.

Also, the online help section of EarthLink’s website is full of genuinely useful troubleshooting pages, as well as tricks and tips for optimal use of the service.

Ways to Save on Earthlink Internet

Earthlink offers internet connectivity at rock-bottom prices. With other providers, it’s possible to make savings by purchasing your own equipment, or skipping on installation. With EarthLink, both of these are mandatory to use their service.

Still, there are choices you can make within the service to keep costs down. For example, unless you have heavy-duty requirements online, the 15 Mbps option is perfectly suitable.

Note that EarthLink charges extortionate prices for early termination of a contract,  up to $200 for an internet plan. If there’s any possibility that you’ll be moving home within a year, it’s best to look for a more flexible provider and save yourself the financial hit.

Our Recommendation – Earthlink Internet

EarthLink’s services can be very inexpensive, making them a superb choice for light internet users. Internet plans are reasonably priced, but the absurd modem and installation fees, as well as the $200 early termination penalty, are entirely disproportionate. Competing providers make concessions in terms of free equipment, complimentary installation, or flexible contracts, and some even offer all three.

Whilst it’s advisable to shop around for high-speed broadband, we’d recommend EarthLink at least for inexpensive entry-level access. For other users, EarthLink likely has a plan to fit your needs and it’s well worth considering alongside other major home internet providers.

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Is EarthLink Right For You?


EarthLink Internet


  • Great customer service
  • Plans have no data caps or teaser rates
  • Available in all lower 48 states


  • Not all plans offered in different locations
  • Lower tired speeds/plans are fairly expensive

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