GotW3 Internet Review: Plans & Pricing

GotW3 is available nationwide, even in rural areas where there is only satellite and DSL available. Get 4G LTE internet speeds with a low ping rate that doesn’t stop you from doing what you love online. Start reading below for our full 2023 review!

GotW3 4G Home Internet Review 2023

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GotW3 offers high speed 4G LTE internet access for users across the nation, working for rural areas as well as city residents and people who travel frequently.

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Packages and Pricing

Packages Price High Speed Data Details
gotSPOT Wireless Plan $99.99 - $179.99/mo 50 - 750 GB/mo VIEW PLAN
Elite Plan $99.99 - $129.99/mo 50 - 200+ GB/mo VIEW PLAN
Rural Plan $99.99 - $129.99/mo 50 - 300+ GB/mo VIEW PLAN
Urban Plan $99.99 - $129.99/mo 50 - 300+ GB/mo VIEW PLAN

GotW3 offers three plans that vary depending on where you live:

gotSPOT Wireless Internet Plan

GotW3’s newest offering – the GotSPOT – enables access for GotW3’s Urban, Rural or Elite networks, switching between the three depending on how your location and network coverage changes.

Going with GotSpot gives you a lot of the capability of various other GotW3 plans, but with the versatility to shift between rural and urban settings as you please. Plans start at $99.99 per month for 50 GB and go up to $179.99 for 750 GB.

Magenta Plan – Urban America Data Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is better suited for those who live in urban and suburban areas, particularly near larger cities and comes in at $109.99 per month. The plan supports speeds of up to 70Mbps, but be aware that this highly depends on the signal coverage and distance you are from the cell phone towers.

Blue Plan – Rural America Data Plan

Alternatively, the Rural plan is aimed towards those who live in remote and rural areas, where other types of internet services aren’t accessible. This plan also supports speeds of up to 70Mbps, but as with the Urban plan, if you’re far away from the tower, the speed might be as low as 1Mbps without boosting equipment. The monthly service fee for this plan is $109.99/month for new activations.

Red Elite Plan – Both Rural and Urban

The Red Elite plan was just recently launched, and for many will offer the best coverage and speeds. This plan runs off of Verizon’s towers which has great coast to coast coverage. When you call in to learn more, or purchase service, the customer service representative will be able see if the Red Elite Plan (Verizon), or the blue plan will work better at your home or where you plan to use the internet the most by determining which use of the carrier’s cell towers would be most effective for you.

The Red Elite plan is $99.99 for 50 GB, or $129.99 for 200 GB.

Network Management and Performance

GotW3 actively manages its network, which means that you might experience slower speeds during peak hours. While there are no hard data caps and the company claims that there is no throttling, they still actively monitor bandwidth usage and will restrict speeds to those with “excessive use of international bandwidth capacity, in favor of other users who have not yet used their fair share.”

They state the monitored bandwidth usage is reset on monthly cycles. While GotW3 will never charge overages, they will definitely limit speeds once you exceed a certain limit. They aren’t really forthcoming about the actual limit, stating only that the average household of four uses between 300GB and 500GB per month for all their activities, so it’s safe to assume this the limit is similar.

This is quite misleading, though, as data usage depends on the type of activities. Movie streaming in 4K and HD definition, for example, will easily use up 15GB to 20GB for a single movie. To ensure you don’t go over the limit, GotW3 advises their users to stream in lower resolutions to conserve data.

One point to note that can be problematic is that according to their fair use policy, GotW3 do not permit first-person games on their network because of the data usage and liken this to bitcoin mining.


As payments are made upfront, there aren’t many additional fees to pay, except for the common ones including:

Reconnection Fee

If you cancel your service but change your mind and wish to reconnect, you will have to pay $25.00 to do so.

Equipment Return Refunds and Fees

Cancellation refunds seem to be fairly tricky as you can get a refund if you cancel within the first 14 days of service but in some cases it’s only applicable if you got the offer through Tier 2 support. You’ll be refunded for the first month of service and the cost of purchased equipment, minus a $50 restocking fee, but you won’t be refunded for tax and shipping.

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GotW3 Modem & Router Review

Take Your GotW3 Modem Anywhere - D

With GotW3, you must use their proprietary routers or you won’t be able to use their internet services otherwise. Currently you can choose between the C4R400 or the LTE520 router, or their new GotSpot.

GotSpot 4G-LTE Wireless Router

Their latest hardware offering is the GotSpot 4G-LTE wireless router, which is designed to work with all their network plans, switch between different carriers on-the-fly and serve as a primary access point for any network function. With 300Mbps capability, the GotSpot supports up to 8 devices via WiFi, has a SIM card slot and features an external screen for info on data use, connected devices and wireless networks.

C4R400 Router

Their C4R400 router supports speeds up to 150Mbps for both LTE and Wi-Fi and comes with one ethernet port, one SIM card slot, and an external antenna port. It can be used on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android).

LTE200 Router

Their LTE200 router supports up to 300Mbps speeds for both LTE and Wi-Fi and comes equipped with four ethernet ports, a SIM card slot, and an external antenna port. It also supports all operating systems.

Unfortunately, there is no lease option for the router, and if you want to become a GotW3 customer, you’ll have to purchase it. The one-time fee is incredibly high at $227.49 for the router, and that doesn’t include taxes and shipping fees.

In addition, you have to pay for the router and the first month upfront, and this might be a big deal-breaker for some.

Features and Benefits

Router Protection Plan

For $4.99 per month, you can get 24/7 protection in addition to the 90-day manufacturer warranty on your router for any GotW3 plan. In the case that your router fails, you can submit a claim online to then have a replacement router shipped to you the same day.


This is a bundle that you can get for an additional $15 per month that includes SecureIT Pro antivirus software, the Password Genie password manager, and the TotalTECH premium IT support.

The premium remote IT support is arguably the best value as it gives you access to US-based tech support around the clock via a toll-free number.

Additional Extras:

Due to the nature of 4G and LTE signals, those in rural areas that are in zones with weak cell phone tower coverage will need to boost their signal to be able to get decent speeds. For this, GotW3 offers you two signal-boosting options:

Outdoor Wideband Directional Antenna

Poor tower coverage and reception can be dealt with by purchasing their Outdoor Wideband Directional Antenna, but as most of their gear, it comes with a big price tag: $165.39.

The antenna is compatible with all US carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others. It can actually support more than one device too, so when you purchase and install it, you’ll get a better signal for your cell phones.

It comes as part of a bundle that includes the mounting pole, 25-feet coax cable, and adapter. The antenna is intended for exterior use only so it’s waterproof and can withstand the elements.

WilsonPro Signal 4G Booster Kit

Weak signals caused by terrain or distance can be solved with the WilsonPro Signal 4G Booster Kit that will cost you $249.99, plus taxes and shipping. WilsonPro works with all providers in North America and is FCC and IC certified.

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Customer Service

GotW3 Customer Service
GotW3 Customer Service

You can reach GotW3 sales by calling them on the following number 1-833-492-6893, or if you need support and billing, you can reach them on 1-833-484-6893.
Their regular business hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm CST;
  • Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm CST;
  • Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm CST.

There is no chat support or an email, but there’s a contact form on their site that you can use in case you don’t have time to call them. The site also offers a few video tutorials on setting up the router and changing Wi-Fi and login passwords, and changing network selection on the router. For all the more complex issues, you’ll have to call them, as there is no community page available at this time.

While there aren’t many customer reviews out there currently, those who have mentioned their services appear to be satisfied overall.

Most agree that the equipment is pricey, but it’s the best option compared to others out there, particularly in areas with minimal broadband options. Plus, the ping is pretty decent (reports suggest regular cell tower ping in range of 20ms to 30ms) and the speeds are usually acceptable and enough for most online activities too.

Ways to Save on GotW3 Internet

Check Your Area Coverage

To avoid spending hundreds of dollars in advance, you should thoroughly check the network coverage in your area to determine whether you will be able to use GotW3 services to the fullest or not. Particularly as getting a refund can be a bit hit and miss.

Limit Data Spending

While there is no hard data cap, your bandwidth will be limited after a certain amount. So it’s best to monitor and limit your own video quality to avoid having your overall service impacted while you’re paying $80 to $100 per month for it.

Our Recommendation – GotW3 Home Internet

If regular cable and broadband operators aren’t within your reach, satellite internet (with it’s high ping values) aren’t your only option! GotW3 is a viable alternative using a 4G and LTE network. The price of the equipment is incredibly high with no rental plans which can put some people off. But, for those who travel, camp, or live in more remote areas it offers a truly accessible internet option. Ultimately, GotW3 offers the best service for the price, particularly as other competitors are similarly priced (or higher). But, if you’re a gamer looking for first-person or other data-heavy games, you’ll need to look for an alternative provider that allows it.

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Is GotW3 Right For You?


GotW3 4G Home Internet


  • 300 GB of high-speed data
  • No contracts
  • Great for rural areas and mobility


  • Expensive equipment
  • Speeds vary depending on cell phone tower distance and terrain
  • Not ideal for heavy data usage families

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