MetroNet is available in 8 states mainly in the North West with internet speeds as fast as 1 gig where available. Start reading below for our full 2021 MetroNet review.

MetroNet is a local fiber internet service provider offering its services to the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, with the most coverage in Indiana. As a local provider, their coverage area is small, but they seem to be one of the better ISPs available locally. Plus they are among only a few who offer true FTTH (fiber to the home) service instead of relying on hybrid coaxial solutions.

They offer speeds up to 1000Mbps for fair prices, with no hard data caps and very few additional fees to worry about, which makes them a good choice for anyone who lives in the area where their services are offered.

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Packages and Pricing

MetroNet offers four internet service packages, based on the speeds you get in each and seems to be the only provider that offers the same download and upload speeds. The packages available are also heavily dependant on your address in the supported areas.

100Mb Package

This is the starter package that costs $49.95 per month with both download and upload speeds at 100Mbps.

According to MetroNet, it is best used for very light browsing and emails and can support some music streaming. They suggest that you can use up to two devices without impacting speeds on this package. With 100Mb speeds, you can use streaming services in HD without any issues and download and upload large files with ease.

*At the time of writing this article, the special offer for the package was $20 off for the first month.

200Mb Package

Costing $59.95 per month and bringing 200/200Mb download and upload speeds this is a decent package for most online activities. Even though MetroNet states it’s only good for light streaming only, with these speeds you could easily do a lot of browsing, streaming music, videos, and gaming. As well as using smart home devices. So this is likely the best package for medium-sized households supporting several devices.

*The current promotional offer for this package is a 2-year price lock of $54.95 when you select the WholeHome Wi-Fi or securing a $49.95 per month price for the first 12 months.

500Mb Package

At $69.95 per month and with 500/500mb download and upload speeds that support having a lot of devices connected at the same time. This package can also support simultaneous gaming, video calling, streaming videos or games, and uploading and downloading videos. It’s best suited for larger households and families.

*This package is currently being offered with a 2-year price lock at $64.95 when you add the WholeHome Wi-Fi, or alternatively, a discount of $10 per month for the first 12 months.

1Gigabit Package

Available for $89.95 per month with 1Gb upload and download speeds, you can do pretty much anything you want with this package – stream, download, upload, play online games on multiple devices at the same time, without risking bandwidth issues at all. This plan is best suited for power users, large households, and those who have lots of smart home devices connected.

*There are currently three special offers for the 1Gb package: $59.95 for the first six months and $69.95 for the next 12 months, or a two-year price lock at $64.95 if you select Phone Service and Sling Live TV, or alternatively, if you select TV and WholeHome Wi-Fi.

The Lifeline Program

MetroNet also has the Lifeline Program, which is a federal program available for eligible Indiana residents.

With the program, homes that receive assistance from Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Tribal-Specific Programs, or Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit Programs can get internet services at reduced costs. To use the program, you will have to certify you are the “head of your household” and “that you are currently receiving assistance,” as stated on their website.

Network Management and Performance

MetroNet states that since they are a fiber internet service provider, experiencing congestion on their network is very limited.

Yet, if there is ever congestion, they state that you can experience slower download and upload speeds meaning websites may be slower too.

That said, MetroNet will not block access to any content during congestion, but their Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy state that they have the right to limit access to the network to prevent illegal or abusive conduct by end-users that might lead to damages or network issues.

They also note that all the internet speeds in packages are maximum speeds that can be delivered, but do not guarantee that you will get them, so, like most providers, they advertise “up to” speeds.
While some factors that affect speeds are directly related to the network, the equipment that you use also plays a role. Therefore, if your phone can only support 500Mb speeds, you will never be able to use the maximum speeds offered by 1Gb package. So it’s important to always check first!

That said, MetroNet’s management practices are much better than with most other providers, giving you pretty much free rein over how you use your internet package.


While additional fees for MetroNet are fairly transparent and lower than over providers, there are still some that you need to take into consideration.

Technology Service Fee

A $9.95 is a flat fee is paid to cover service calls and issues with equipment. If you are using their equipment and anything breaks down, be it routers or wires, they will replace it at no additional cost.

State Taxes and Fees

There are some state fees and taxes that could be added to your monthly bill which are usually in the $5 range. But these depend on your address and can fluctuate.

A big (and unusual) plus with MetroNet is that you don’t have to pay anything extra for the router/modem you receive from them, which can often cost you in the hundreds with other providers.

Note: There is NO installation fee listed on the website or during the purchasing process, but it’s best to contact them and double-check whether you will have to pay an installation/activation fee or not so you aren’t surprised.

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MetroNet Modem & Router Review

With MetroNet, you will get a Linksys or ZyXel router, but there is little mention on the exact models or anything else on the site. The good news is that you don’t have to pay extra to get the router – all of that is covered by the flat technology fee you are paying on the monthly bill.

One thing that some users were mentioning when it comes to their routers is that they do not use IPV4 or IPV6 but Carrier NAT instead. This might cause issues to users who want to forward ports on their router, but apparently, there is a static IP address option available for $10 per month extra that you can get in case you have issues with Carrier NAT misbehaving.

Features and Benefits

As a fiber ISP, MetroNet has quite a few benefits for their customers:

WholeHome Wi-Fi

This is available at $7.95 per month. It improves the Wi-Fi coverage in the home and takes care of spotty signals in hard-to-reach places. MetroNet’s technicians will determine the proper placement of the device to ensure full coverage.

Suspension of Services

To help reduce expenses while on an extended vacation, MetroNet gives you the option to suspend and restore your services with Vacation Suspension and Restoration. The cost is $5 per service (internet, phone, TV) for each month of suspension. When you restore your services, the billing will be rated from the date of restoration.

MetroNet Contract Buyout

MetroNet regularly has promotions for new or returning customers where they offer buyout credit that can cover early termination fees from other providers. The maximum credit you can get is $150. To get it, you need to send a copy of the final bill where the fee is listed (and mark the fee), as well as your new MetroNet account name and number, to their email ([email protected]) within 60 days after the install date.

Ready To Try MetroNet Internet or Want to Learn More?

Customer Service

Overall customers seem to be fairly satisfied with MetroNet’s services which is probably due to the flexible and inclusive customer service options.

MetroNet has a very good online resource gallery they call the 24/7 Virtual Learning Library. It covers topics including equipment installation, internet, TV and phone services, streaming, and a ton of other miscellaneous content like billing, vacation suspensions, and service issues.

There is also a section with promoted content that is most frequently searched for. They have a few video guides on maximizing speeds or connecting various devices to the network that give you step by step directions.

  • Their blog also has a few helpful posts on setting up their devices, as well as company news and announcements on new services.
  • They can also be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or by visiting their Twitter account where they handle issues as well.
  • MetroNet has a local customer service team that is available around the clock and can be reached by calling 1-877-407-3224.
  • Alternatively, you can submit a request too by entering the required information into the contact form.

For visits in person, you can choose to visit one of their seventeen store locations that usually work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM during weekdays and 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Saturdays. Note that some of their stores are closed for the whole weekend.

Ways to Save on MetroNet Internet

Check the speed available in your area

The differences in pricing between the different packages are small, so opt for a higher speed, especially if you use a lot of devices at the same time.

Wait for promo offers

Every internet package has its own special offers that bring the monthly price down by up to $20, with other promotional bonuses for first-time customers available too. You can get a price lock of up to 24 months as well if you choose to add additional services, such as the WholeHome WiFi (which costs under $8 and is worth the price reduction).

Bundle up

In addition to internet packages, MetroNet also offers TV and phone services that, when bundled up, bring the whole price down considerably.

Service cancellation

If you are not happy with the service and you want to cancel, you will have to email them at [email protected] or call on 1-877-407-3224. This actually gives you the opportunity to get a better offer because they want to keep you as a customer! That said, it should only be used as a last resort because you can only really use this option once.

Our Recommendation – MetroNet Internet

If you live in an area where you can get MetroNet, definitely look into which package you can get. There are no contracts to worry about and you can cancel services when you don’t want to use them.

MetroNet is an all-round good option, no matter whether you just plan to browse and use social media, or stream, download, and play online. Their packages cater to every type of customer, and their customer service is prompt. In addition, with all the promotional offers available, you can get a better price for a year or two of service as well.

Overall, for the service areas they cover, MetroNet is one of the best options!

Ready To Try MetroNet Internet or Want to Learn More?

Is MetroNet Right For You?




  • Good pricing
  • No data caps
  • No modem or hardware costs
  • Great speeds


  • Need to purchase additional services to get special offers
  • Very limited service area
  • Complex canceling procedure

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