Because Starry gets its signal from towers, customers often have concerns that the ping rate will be too slow for their needs. Intense gamers in particular who play real-time games that require very high speeds question whether or not their gaming needs will be met by Starry.

However, with 200Mbps speeds which are about twice as fast as what most providers are offering at this time, Starry works for uploads, downloads, and for gaming and 4k streaming on up to 10 devices. This means that not only can you use your phone, laptop, and television all at once, but your friends, roommates, or family members can also use their devices without completely clogging the bandwidth and slowing down the speeds.

Should you run into issues, Starry Experts are available 24/7 to assist with problems or concerns – customers can either call at random or schedule a service call via the Starry App. If you still have issues, Starry allows customers to cancel at any time, and because they don’t require or even offer any sort of contract, there are no fees to worry about if you do cancel.

Overall, Starry Internet is a rather risk-free provider – you can try it for a few months if it’s available in your area, and cancel it at any time if you decide it is not right for you and your internet needs.