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T-Mobile introduces its new internet solution – 5G connectivity for homes across the United States. Prices start low and speeds can be very fast, but with the service still in its early stages – how does it hold up in 2023? Start reading below for our full 2023 review!

T-Mobile 5G Wireless Internet Review 2023

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T-Mobile’s effort to break into the home internet space is very new, but they’re already giving it a big push with national availability, cheap plan options and special offers.

The service might not be right for everyone for now as speeds don’t quite compare to faster options like fiber and the coverage of their 5G bands are still growing. However if you are within 5G coverage range, or you’re in a rural area with only slower connections options like DSL and satellite to choose from, T-Mobile’s new wireless internet would be a very viable option right now.

However with no long-term contracts to worry about and the low cost of entry, home internet from T-Mobile might be worth a trial run no matter your location. Read on for more details on their wireless internet service!

Packages and Pricing

Regular Price Promo Price Speed Details
$50/mo. $30/mo. 33-182 Mbps *Speed dependent on location.

How Many Plans Does T-Mobile Wireless Internet Offer?

The plan offerings from T-Mobile’s home internet are quite simple: they only offer one plan. On the one hand that makes plan selection simple and avoids confusion with data limits and download speeds. On the other hand, that makes how fast your service will be more of a variable depending on where you live.

How Does T-Mobile’s Internet Work?

T-Mobile’s internet relies not on cable, fiber or satellite for coverage, but instead their wireless 5G network. That means setup is very simple and doesn’t require intensive installation, but that also means you’re at the mercy of the strength of T-Mobile’s wireless signal strength in your area. Ideally users get their internet via their next-gen 5G network, but users that aren’t covered by their still-growing 5G are instead served by the backup 4G LTE network. This alternative still offers decent speed but not what homes within 5G reach will be getting, so be sure to check your network availability at your home before signing up.

What Kind of Download Speeds Can I Get?

T-Mobile states that users will reach 33 Mbps downloads at the bare minimum, but depending on your location and wireless signal, speeds could reach up to around 182 Mbps. Uploads are similar, starting at about 6 Mbps but reaching up to approximately 23 Mbps if you’re in a 5G zone.

What About Extra Charges or Fees?

Despite this uncertainty, the home internet from T-Mobile is much more transparent and easy to decipher than most internet provider offerings. This method of cellular data internet means you won’t have to worry about data caps limiting your internet use, surprise charges or hidden fees inflating your bill, or complicated installation processes adding to your cost and troubles when signing up. T-Mobile’s home internet also doesn’t require you to sign any long-term contracts, doesn’t charge you equipment fees, and keeps cost low in general by offering their standard plan to you for only $50 per month.

How Does T-Mobile Internet Compare to the Competition?

Internet Provider Price Speed
T-Mobile 5G/4G $50/mo. 33-182 Mbps
Verizon 4G Starting at $40/mo. 25 Mbps
Ultra Home Internet Starting at $60/mo. 25-115 Mbps
UbiFi 4G $130/mo. Varies
GotW3 4G $100/mo. Varies

When comparing T-Mobile’s current internet offerings with those of other companies offering 4G or DSL networking for around the same monthly price, T-Mobile comes out looking strong. Other providers like Verizon, UbiFi and GotW3 offer similar connections but at higher prices (although speeds will vary with all 4G providers, and GotW3 also offers portable network capabilities).

T-Mobile Wireless Internet Modem & Router

T-Mobile Wireless Internet Modem and Router
T-Mobile Wireless Internet Modem and Router

With T-Mobile’s simple internet solution you only have a single device to worry about – their WiFi gateway to provides you access to their cellular network. This device is a WiFi 6 modem/router combo, compatible with both 5G and 4G LTE bands.

T-Mobile provides you this device upon signing up, which is very easy and quick to install (within 15 minutes, according to T-Mobile). Once powered up, download the T-Mobile internet app to your phone, follow a few steps and your home will be all set up.

The T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway uses WiFi 6 technology, can support up to 64 devices via WiFi, providing additional capability like Multi-User MIMO and multiple home networks in order to connect more users with more optimized speeds per user and through individualized WiFi networks if you prefer.

Features and Benefits

Computer with T-Mobile Wireless Internet Router
Computer with T-Mobile Wireless Internet Router

Price Lock – Keeping Cost Consistent

Many providers will get you to sign up with low promotional rates and then increase your bill after a year, or even introduce surprise fees for data used or other frivolous charges. While T-Mobile doesn’t offer any discounted rates for signing up, that also means that you don’t have to worry about an impending monthly cost increase down the road.

Plus, T-Mobile gives customers assurance that their monthly bill won’t increase at all with Price Lock. This guarantee extends to extra fees and cost hikes, ensuring that your monthly cost is locked in for the long haul.

Worry-Free Test Drive – Try Before You Commit

If you’re on the fence about signing up or aren’t sure how well T-Mobile’s home internet will perform in your location, you’ll actually have a couple week to try it out firsthand to make sure it’s right for you. Sign up, install everything and use it however you want for up to 15 days and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it all and get your money back.

Customer Service

Customer Service Details for T-Mobile Wireless Internet
Customer Service Details for T-Mobile Wireless Internet

Like their mobile phone service, T-Mobile has a support line you can call for assistance with issues. However they have an entirely separate customer care team set up for their home internet service, so it’s more likely you’ll receive help from someone more knowledgeable about your particular issue:

General questions: 1-844-839-5057

Technical help: 1-844-275-9310

T-Mobile also has an extensive series of online guides and videos to assist with common questions or problems, as well as their Home Internet App to walk you through certain steps of the process.

Ways to Save on T-Mobile Wireless Internet

Customer on Phone Saving Money on Wireless Internet
Customer on Phone Saving Money on Wireless Internet

T-Mobile is often dishing out sales and special promotions for signing up with them. You can keep up with new deals by checking online on their site or check on new bundle offers through other sources, but here’s a rundown of some best offers you can get with T-Mobile Home Internet as of June 2022.

$20 Off Your Monthly Bill

The standard $50 monthly price is pretty low, but you can actually get that down to $30 per month if you’re also a customer of T-Mobile’s mobile phone service. Sign up for a Magenta MAX cell plan with AutoPay enabled and you’ll T-Mobile’s home internet for $20 less per month.

50% Off YouTube TV

You can also save on live TV when you sign up for Magenta MAX. Sign on for this mobile phone plan and get 50% off YouTube TV for one year, and also receive a 50% off discount on any streaming device.

Get Paramount Plus for Free

T-Mobile customers can also get one free year of subscription to Paramount Plus when they sign on for home internet. Subscription will renew for $5/month after the first year, and a credit card will be required to sign up.

T-Mobile Tuesdays

Each Tuesday, special offers, free merch and exclusive deals become available to T-Mobile customers. So if you’re signed up with their home internet service, you’ll have access to these offers as well.

Our Recommendation – T-Mobile Wireless Internet

T-Mobile’s home internet can be a fantastic choice for many, but it really depends on location. If you’re living where you can take advantage of their 5G coverage, then you could see lightning-fast download speeds and low cost, all without contracts, extra fees or data caps. But for those outside of their 5G range might want to hold off until the service grows a little more nationally and can bring that great connection to a wider audience.

Ready To Try T-Mobile Wireless Internet or Want to Learn More?

Is T-Mobile Internet Right For You?


T-Mobile Wireless Internet


  • Simple and affordable plan option
  • No hidden fees, charges or data caps
  • Setup is simple and fast


  • Speed and coverage vary by location
  • 5G availability not extensive (yet)

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