Blazing Hog Wireless Internet Review

Blazing Hog Wireless Internet Reviews 2020

Pricing & Packages | Technology Overview | Speed & Latency | Blazing Hog vs. Satellite Internet | Final Recommendation

Blazing Hog is a new internet service provider that offers 4G LTE internet options to its users. Their stable high-speed internet connection is available in rural areas nationwide and is a great alternative to satellite services where there are limited to no other options available.

For those interested in gaming but with no access to traditional internet connectivity options, Blazing Hog is the definitive choice thanks to their low ping values making it possible to even enjoy competitive fast-paced online games. Also, their fast download and over 500 GB of data enable users to stream TV and movies, video chat, connect on social media, shop online, and more. Blazing Hog provides more than 10 times the data provided by the average satellite internet plan.


  • 4G LTE Internet plan for rural locations
  • National average speed of 25 Mbps
  • Lower ping than satellite Internet


  • One time modem and activation fee
  • 24-month contract
  • Proximity to cell tower determines your speeds

Packages and Pricing

Blazing Hog offers 4G LTE high-speed internet delivered via 4G LTE technology for as little as $99 per month. When compared to other MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) offers, this is almost half the price! Plus, the $99 price per month is a discounted deal that comes with a price lock of twenty-four months.

High-Speed Data Amount

With Blazing Hog, you’re monthly plan has over 500 GB of high-speed data – 10x the average satellite Internet plan.

There has been a lot of reported abuse of data with all 4G rural wireless providers. The limits set by Blazing Hog should still offer you more than enough data to do everything you want to do online without having to worry. In 2019, the average monthly household data was around 400 GB. That would leave the average house with more than 100 additional GB’s of high-speed internet each month.

Additional Fees

You will have to pay for their modem, which is a one-time price of $199.99, as well as a one-time sim card activation fee of $49.99.1

So new customers are looking at onboarding costs of around $300 for the first month to pay for the equipment and first month of the internet and then only $99 for each month after that.

1The $49.99 network registration fee is non-refundable.


There are no contracts with Blazing Hog and you’ll aslo get a 30-day trial period to test if there service is right for you. During this time you’ll be able to check the upload/download speed and if you’re not satisfied get a full-refund by reaching out to customer service. So this is a little less of a risk.

Blazing Hog Technology Overview

Offering its services over cell phone towers and utilizing 4G LTE technology to bring fast and stable internet to its users, Blazing Hog are an MVNO. This means that they only offer services over cell phone towers but do not own the towers themselves.

What they do is use underutilized cell phone towers to bring their internet services to those who live within that tower’s range. They can do that because these towers have enough room to take on more users, so they make deals with giants to utilize all that unused potential and bring 4G LTE internet coverage to rural areas across the nation.

Satellite internet, which is a go-to alternative for those lacking infrastructure for cable, DSL, or fiber internet, is often spotty, has very high ping, and has much lower data available in their plans. Blazing Hog addresses those satellite internet pain points and offers the best possible internet connection for rural area residents.

Speed and Latency

While it can be hard to find the actual, realistic download speeds with many other providers, Blazing Hog is very transparent about their capabilities. The actual speed you’ll receive will be different for each user and largely depends on how close/far you are from the cell phone tower it’s using. Blazing Hog do list their averages directly on their webpage and state that where the signal is strongest, speeds can go up to 150Mbps.

Their national average download speeds are in the 25 Mbps range and this comes with a low ping rate, which is undeniably better for gaming when compared to satellite internet options.

Blazing Hog vs. Satellite Internet

When comparing Blazing Hog to satellite internet providers, there are some distinct differences that speak in Blazing Hog’s favor. These include the following:

  • Lower Ping Times – Blazing Hog makes it possible to play competitive online games without lag.
  • More Data – Get 10x the amount of data with Blazing Hog versus the average satellite plan.
  • No Throttling – Your connection speed will never be intentionally reduced.
  • No Deprioritization – If you are within your initial data you will never be on a lower priority tier (like with many other providers) when it comes to getting your internet service.
  • Plug & Play Modem – The only thing you have to do to get internet is to plug in your modem.
  • Move Your Modem – Since you are not bound by a satellite dish (or a phone line), you can take your modem with you and enjoy 4G coverage out and about too!

Blazing Hog Coverage

Thanks to their contracts with large 4G LTE companies, Blazing Hog covers the vast majority of the US territory.

Blazing Hog Wireless Internet Coverage Map

They are also very clear about their coverage gap areas, which currently include some limited areas in the following states:

● Maine
● Florida
● Georgia
● Texas
● New Mexico
● Arizona
● Utah
● Wyoming
● Nebraska
● Iowa
● Montana
● Idaho
● Nevada
● California

Note: The affected coverage gap areas can vary in size. Still, the right equipment can be utilized to get coverage even in gap areas. For that, you will need signal boosting equipment and of course service is not guaranteed.

Signal Boosting Options

If you live in an area where the 4G signal is scarce, you can still get fast internet. First, you should contact Blazing Hog customer support so they can help you determine how far away you are from the nearest cell phone tower. Then, you can choose a signal booster option like the Pointing Antenna or cell boosters, which can catch signals from over twenty miles away. These are the options that the Blazing Hog customer service representatives often point out on their Facebook page.

Note that Blazing Hog doesn’t sell or install signal boosters, but they will point you toward businesses who do.

Our Recommendation

Blazing Hog seems to be the ultimate answer to issues experienced in many rural areas – no need for infrastructure to support fast internet speeds, decent package prices, and tons of high-speed data.

While rural residents can’t expect to get fiber internet and 1Gbps speeds in the near future, they can get the next best thing with switching to Blazing Hog. This makes it possible to enjoy all the data-heavy activities usually reserved for cable, DSL, or fiber, such as online gaming, streaming, and downloading!

*This is a month to month none contract service. Your speeds will vary based on distance to tower, geography, and tower load. Speeds are not guaranteed. The service operates on third party cellular towers. Tower operators may apply fair use policy based on tower congestion and usage. This service is for normal residential home use. Do not rely on this service for emergency services or telemedicine. If you are working from home you will not be compensated for loss of income during an outage. The $49.99 network registration fee is none refundable. Blazing Hog offers a 14-day service cancellation policy during which you may request a stop of service by contacting customer support at 1.888.407.3159. Start-up customers working with tech support may be given an extension up to 30 days. If returning after 14 days the return must included the tech support ticket number from your customer portal. Customers meeting the guidelines will be given a 100% refund (less shipping charges).