Unlimitedville Wireless Internet Reviews 2021

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As an LTE internet service provider, Unlimitedville focuses on offering faster internet to customers in rural areas. Currently as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that offers coverage to four major LTE carriers, each plan they offer reflects a different major carrier network.


  • No contracts
  • No credit checks
  • No data caps


  • Very expensive monthly plans
  • High upfront costs
  • Can’t pause the service

Packages and Pricing

Unlimitedville’s plans and pricing is set by the carrier providers, and not by the speed like many other internet providers. The four plans currently on offer include:

Pink Plan

This plan covers T-Mobile and will make it your LTE provider, so make sure you get good coverage in the area you want to use it. The plan is one of the cheapest, but it still isn’t cheap at $149/month! But it does come with its own MOFI SIM4 Router configured to work specifically with T-Mobile.

Yellow Plan

Sprint is the carrier for the Yellow plan and is also available for $149 per month. However, with the Yellow plan, you can choose between the MOFI SIM4 Router or the Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot if you are often on the move and want a more mobile option, for example in an RV.

Blue Plan

This is where Unlimitedville have a jump in price, representing the AT&T carrier at $199/month. You can choose between the MOFI SIM4 Router or the Unite Explore mobile hotspot if you’re on the go.

Red Plan

This is the most expensive plan for Verizon as a carrier and costs $249/month. With this plan, you’re aso limited to the MOFI SIM4 Router preconfigured to connect to Verizon towers.

Network Management and Performance

As an MVNO, Unlimitedville doesn’t own or control the network infrastructure; that remains in the realm of the major carriers they work with. Depending on the carrier plan you choose will depend on how much network management you’ll have to deal with.

You should be aware that, since MVNOs lease the network capacity, the carrier’s primary customers will be prioritized over everyone else. For Unlimitedville customers this means you could experience lower speeds during busy periods.

Even though Unlimitedville promote having no data caps, they do enforce limitations. Anything above ‘normal internet usage’ for example heavy gaming or torrenting will result in speed reductions.

According to Unlimitedville, the average household in the US apparently uses less than 200GB per month. They state that users who go over 500GB per month are considered problematic and such customers might have to buy another account to split data usage between them.

This can increase monthly costs by up to $250, basically making the practice one of the most expensive data overages on the market.


Aside from the monthly plan fee, Unlimitedville requires new customers to pay a one-time membership fee of $249 before being able to use their services. However, this doesn’t mean you get to keep any hardware in the event you cancel your account. You’ll have to return any routers or hotspots you get with your plan.

Another point to note is that Unlimitedville doesn’t allow you to pause your services. This means that if you leave them or try and delay your services (e.g. if you’re travelling). When you want to rejoin or restart you’ll have to pay the membership fee again.

Your Modem and Router

There are two types of devices offered by Unlimitedville: you can choose between a router and a hotspot device.

The router is a good choice for rural homes and offices because of their coverage, whilst hotspots are battery-powered, mobile, and perfect for those on the move or who camp.

The devices come pre-configured which make them ‘plug and play’ so you won’t have to pay for installation. Currently these are the options available:

The MOFI SIM4 Router

This is the main router available for all plan colours. The only difference is that each router is pre-configured to work with the carrier chosen in your plan.

This router comes with 4G LTE and LTE+/LTE Advanced support, and covers 2G and 3G as well. It can support online gaming, providing low enough ping and high enough speeds (be careful of your data usage here) and up to 250 devices can be connected to it via the ethernet ports and external antenna ports.

Hotspot Options

For Blue plan subscribers you also have the Unite Explore hotspot as an option for battery or corded use. It supports 4G, LTE, LTE+, as well as 2G and 3G networks, and the battery power lasts up to 22 hours. The only thing missing is ethernet ports, so make sure all your devices have Wi-Fi capabilities. You can connect up to 15 devices to this hotspot.

Yellow plan subscribers can also choose the Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot that supports up to 10 devices and runs on battery power for up to 10 hours. It can be plugged into a power socket too and comes with all the capabilities of other devices, but is missing ethernet and external antenna ports, so coverage is a bit more limited.

Features and Benefits

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While the pricing is steep, there is a 14-day period where you can return the device and you will get a full refund, for both the first-month subscription and the one-time membership fee. Just make sure the 14-day period starts from the date of receipt of your hotspot, not the day you signed up.

Mobile Hotspots

The Blue and Yellow plans offer mobile hotspots that can be used on the move, even on open roads, and provide quite good signal and coverage which can finally offer those who travel a real internet option.

Customer Service

The Unlimitedville website only features a FAQ section, but it covers the most pressing questions well. There is, unfortunately, no phone number to call them, but has a contact form to send them a message. All the other support options are available to already existing members and require a registered account and login.

Existing customers seem to be fairly pleased with the service, speeds, and ping, stating that the only discouraging thing is the upfront costs, but you definitely get a higher quality service than with other alternatives. As for connectivity, as long as the coverage is good, there are no issues outside of a few service disruptions that might pop up from time to time (as with any other provider.)

Ways to Save on Unlimitedville

As there are no hidden costs and the plans are simple, the only way you can save is by trying the get the lowest solution that is possible in your area. If you are not happy with the signal you get, make sure to return the equipment within the 14 days of receiving it to get a refund.

Our Recommendation

If you live in a rural area where your internet speeds are extremely low or coverage is spotty, but have good signal coverage from one of the major LTE carriers, then Unlimitedville would be a good option. Just make sure your area is sufficiently covered before you choose a plan, particularly for the prices offered.