Wahoo Wireless Internet Review

Wahoo Wireless Internet Reviews 2020

Pricing & Packages | Technology Overview | Speed & Latency | Wahoo vs. Satellite Internet | Final Recommendation

Wahoo is an internet provider that has become a great solution for rural customers who need access to a reliable internet connection. Available nationwide, Wahoo is an excellent alternative to slow DSL and satellite because it uses existing cell towers to provide customers with 4G LTE service that can be used for streaming, online gaming, and downloading or uploading large files.


  • Rural 4G Home Internet available nationwide
  • National average speed of 25 Mbps
  • Much lower ping than Satellite Internet


  • One time modem and activation fee
  • Proximity to cell tower determines your speeds

Packages and Pricing

Wahoo offers just one unique package that is easy to read and simple to navigate. The package is $99.99/month for 500 GB* of data and fast 4G LTE speeds that allow you to stream music, movies, shows, and play video games with ease. Included in the price of the package are the equipment costs (as well as shipping costs) and a 1-time registration fee. With a national average speed of 25 Mbps and a lower ping rate than you would get with satellite internet, the price you pay is well worth the service you’ll experience with Wahoo.

High-Speed Data Amount

Though Wahoo does impose data limits on its internet package, the 500 GB* you receive with your fast 4G connection is a high limit that most may never even come close to reaching. If you do surpass the amount, your speeds will be throttled until your next monthly billing cycle.

*After 500 GB of data usage your speed will be throttled. Usage over 900 gigabytes will result in account closure for abuse and no refund will be issued.

Additional Fees

You will have to pay for their modem, which is a one-time price of $199.99, as well as a one-time sim card activation fee of $49.99.1

So new customers are looking at onboarding costs of around $350 for the first month to pay for the equipment and first month of the internet and then only $99 for each month after that.

1The $49.99 network registration fee is non-refundable.


Trying Wahoo is risk-free. There are no long-term contracts or price lock-ins, meaning that if you find you’re not satisfied with your service within the first month, you can cancel and receive 100% of your money back. If you are pleased after your first month, you can continue with your service and pay as long as you need it.

Wahoo Technology Overview

Wahoo is known for its convenient modem. Unlike some providers who force you to either purchase or rent their outdated equipment, Wahoo makes it easy for customers to get reliable service with a company-provided modem that can be set up with just a few simple steps. Best of all, it’s completely free, and even ships to your home for no extra costs.

Speed and Latency

Wahoo is pleased to offer a national average speed of 25 Mbps which is perfect for doing all the things you love online. Additionally, the ping rate – or latency – with Wahoo is low enough to allow you to play all the online games you love with ease, even first-person shooter games that require fast responses.

Wahoo Equipment

Wahoo features a plug-and-play modem that makes setup a breeze. A portable device, the modem can be installed easily at your home or taken absolutely anywhere else you need to go. Have a vacation coming up where you know you’ll want to be streaming music? Or maybe you are packing for a camping trip and want to stream and project a film to create your personal drive-in movie theater? No problem! You can even take the modem with you on a boat or in an RV. As long as there is a power source and you’re within range of one of Wahoo’s partnered towers, you can have a seamless internet connection that your whole family can enjoy on-the-go.

Online Gaming With Wahoo

Gaming is nearly impossible with satellite internet and slow DSL unless you’re playing simple games that don’t require fast responses. Since Wahoo uses 4G LTE internet technology from existing towers, they have a low ping rate which enables you to play live-action RPG games or other games that require immediate responses with ease.

Wahoo Features

With an emphasis on caring for customers, Wahoo offers a great value for those who choose to try out their innovative internet technology. Today if you sign up for Wahoo Internet, you can pay just $99.99 for fast 4G LTE internet service, free shipping of your plug-and-play modem, and a 1-time registration fee. A $900 value that costs you just under $100, Wahoo delivers massive savings with this deal.

Plus, don’t forget about the 500 GB* of data that you’ll receive during each month of service. With this much high-speed data to utilize, you can do all of the activities you love online, including streaming music and movies, gaming with friends, or connecting with others on social media.

Wahoo vs. Satellite Internet

If you have ever tried gaming with satellite internet, you know how frustrating – and frankly, how nearly impossible – it can be. Wahoo is different. With low latency, you can game as much as you desire without having to wait for your internet to catch up to your actions. Plus, Wahoo offers up to 500 GB* of data and a modem that you can take with you and use wherever you go! With satellite, you often get far less data than that for an even higher price, and your speeds are much slower.

Wahoo Coverage

Wahoo is one of the only high-speed internet providers who can say they have nationwide availability! Through the use of their partnered wireless providers’ towers, Wahoo can give customers true 4G LTE speeds wherever you may call home, whether that be in the middle of a city or way out in the country. If you’re a bit further from your closest partnered tower than you need to be, Wahoo can advise you on a signal booster that will enhance and stretch your signal to ensure you still get the most out of your service!

Wahoo Wireless Internet Coverage Map

They are also very clear about their coverage gap areas, which currently include some limited areas in the following states:

● Maine
● Florida
● Georgia
● Texas
● New Mexico
● Arizona
● Utah
● Wyoming
● Nebraska
● Iowa
● Montana
● Idaho
● Nevada
● California

Note: The affected coverage gap areas can vary in size. Still, the right equipment can be utilized to get coverage even in gap areas. For that, you will need signal boosting equipment and of course service is not guaranteed.

Signal Boosting Options

Rural residents have for years been hard-pressed to find reliable internet options that give them the quality connections they desire. With Wahoo, there’s now a better solution that far surpasses the capabilities of satellite or slow DSL internet. Even in areas where 4G LTE might not be as common, there are still ways to get service through Wahoo by installing a signal booster to give you the extra help your equipment needs to create a stable, reliable connection. Though Wahoo itself does not sell or install signal boosters, their friendly customer service agents will help to point you in the right direction of where to find a product that works for you.

What Makes Wahoo Different?

  • Up to 25 Mbps download speeds
  • No long-term contracts
  • 500 GB* of data to use
  • Super-low ping rate that’s great for gaming
  • Free shipping of your equipment
  • Plug-and-play modem to take anywhere
  • Great customer service

Our Recommendation

Overall, Wahoo is a good and reliable carrier. For a reasonable price, you can experience fast 4G LTE speeds and enough data to last you a month of going about your favorite online activities. Plus, with nationwide availability, you can access Wahoo’s service whether you live in a suburb or are more rurally-located. The equipment that comes with your internet service also makes it easy for you to take your fast speeds anywhere, which is a unique feature that not every provider can offer.

If you’re currently displeased with your current service, give Wahoo a try. With zero risks of losing your money if you’re unhappy, there’s nothing to lose by trying out Wahoo today.

**This is a month to month none contract service. Your speeds will vary based on distance to tower, geography, and tower load. Speeds are not guaranteed. The service operates on third party cellular towers. Tower operators may apply fair use policy based on tower congestion and usage. This service is for normal residential home use. The average US household uses 200 gigs per month. Usage over 900 gigabytes will result in account closure for abuse and no refund will be issued. Do not rely on this service for emergency services or telemedicine. If you are working from home you will not be compensated for loss of income during an outage. The $49.99 network registration fee is none refundable. 14-day return policy – you must cancel service within 14 days of receipt of equipment. To cancel please email [email protected] from the email address you provided and the account holders first and last name.