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DISH Latino brings their cost-saving deals and industry-leading DVR to the bilingual market, offering both English and Spanish-language channel packages to American homes. Read below of the full 2023 review!

DISH Latino TV Review 2023

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DISH has stood as one of the stronger providers for home television service in the U.S., and they’ve taken what made that work into their DISH Latino offerings. DISH Latino features a range of packages geared toward bilingual families, offering channels in both Spanish and English across a wide range of content categories.

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Packages and Pricing

Packages Price Channels Details
DISH Latino Plus $54.99/mo. 190+ VIEW PLAN
DISH Latino Dos $79.99/mo. 225+ VIEW PLAN
DISH Latino Max $94.99/mo. 270+ VIEW PLAN

Starting with ‘DISH Latino Plus’, you’ll get over 190 Spanish and English channels for up to 2 TVs in your home for just $54.99 per month. Offerings go up from there onto ‘DISH Latino Dos’ and finally their ‘Max’ package, which gives you over 270 channels for a monthly cost of $94.99/mo.

All these packages contain a wide range of many of the channels you’d expect, like news on Telemundo, kids’ shows on Disney Channel and sports on FOX Deportes. ‘Dos’ and ‘Max’ packages add networks like Bloomberg, ESPN2, Hallmark Channel and Travel Channel, expanding on the news, sports, family and lifestyle offerings of the ‘Plus’ package.

3-Year Price Guarantee

When you sign up for DISH Latino, you’ll also benefit from their 3-year TV price guarantee with a 2-year commitment. Being with a provider for 24 months can seem daunting, but considering that many providers will get you in the door with contract-free offers and then jack up your rates once you’re signed on, it’s a big help to know that with DISH Latino the price you get at the beginning will never change over those next 3 years.

Even DirecTV can’t match this as, even though they offer a 2-year price lock, your monthly bill will actually increase after 12 months.

Channel Add-Ons

DISH offers a nice variety of optional add-on packages for you to pile even more channels onto your TV package. This includes sports packages like FOX Soccer Plus (giving you games from the UEFA, NRL, the FA Cup and more), as well as movie channel packages from ENCORE and EPIX.

There’s even a special deal for new DISH Latino customers to receive the DISH Movie Pack free for 3 months, which adds a slew of quality movie networks to your package.

Save with the 3-Year TV Price Guarantee from DISH Latino

DISH provides a price guarantee for 36 months. When comparing providers, be sure to consider that most companies increase after 6-12 months. For example, the DirecTV Entertainment package is $64.99 a month in the first year… but $102 a month from there.

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Innovative Equipment

DISH Equpimnet Review Mobile

Hopper 3 Smart HD DVR

The Hopper 3 is the cornerstone of DISH’s hardware offerings, deservedly so as it leads the industry in convenience features for a DVR unit, compatible with both HD and 4K content.

Among those features are being able to record up to 16 channels simultaneously, advanced parental controls, built-in streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube, integrated search functions, a 2 TB hard drive for storage and last but not least the Google voice remote – letting you issue voice commands or searches, or even use the Locate Remote button on your Hopper should you ever misplace the remote.

Features and Benefits

Premium Channel Deals

As previously mentioned, when you get DISH Latino you can customize your channel set with optional add-ons. Flesh out your sports, family or movie channel selection with low-cost channel packs to make your home TV experience your own.

As a bonus for signing on to DISH Latino, you’ll get 3 free months of access to SHOWTIME, STARZ and the DISH Movie Pack – that includes 16 movie channels itself like STARZ Kids, STARZ Family and FXM.

Get Free Installation

DISH also offers free professional installation in up to 6 rooms of your home. This is a major benefit as many cable providers don’t include this, sometimes listing “free installation” as a perk when in reality you would need to complete the installation yourself.

But as a DISH Latino customer, a technician would go to your home to set up your dish, receiver and accompanying remote. And this installation could even happen as soon as the following day, depending on where you live.

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Ways to Save on DISH Latino

Save on Internet

A standout cost-saving option to consider with DISH Latino is bundling your home internet together with your TV service. DISH provides a range of internet setups for your house including DSL, cable, fiber and satellite, and you can choose among these options for additional monthly costs starting at $19.99.

If you’re in the market for a new internet provider or are simply seeking more ways to cut out extraneous cost each month, this could be an excellent deal to take advantage of.

Special Offers for Qualified Customers

DISH has several unique offers suited to particular users: healthcare workers, senior citizens, military and teachers can all receive special benefits from a DISH Latino package.

Seniors aged 55 and over can enjoy their first on demand movie rental for free each month, as well as getting a free in-home tech support visit. Healthcare workers can also get one free on demand movie per month, in addition to access to the Heartland channel pack at no extra charge.

Teachers are eligible to receive the same benefits of a free monthly movie and the Heartland channel pack, while military personnel and veterans can instead get access to the Stars & Stripes add-on pack for free, as well as a free on demand monthly movie pick.

Eligibility for any of these deals also includes the standard DISH offers like the 3-year TV price guarantee and Google voice remote, so many of these benefits can really add up if you qualify.

Our Recommendation

DISH has stood out in the past as a premier television provider, so much of the same appeal remains with their DISH Latino offerings.

As a subscriber you would get HD and 4K content, the Hooper 3 DVR, many add-on options, cost-saving offers and generally low monthly costs – all for an enormous selection of Spanish and English channels that will appeal to most everyone in your family.

While the 3-year TV price guarantee could be seen as a disadvantage to some as it ties you to DISH for 24 months, the guarantee that your monthly costs will stay consistent and not increase without warning during those 36 months makes it worth the commitment.

Overall, DISH Latino is a fantastic option for bilingual families wanting a more premium channel selection for a reasonable monthly cost. Top-level hardware and special offers elevate it even more, making it among the best choices for home television service in the U.S.

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Is DISH Latino Right For You?


DISH Latino TV


  • Large selection of Spanish & English channels
  • Industry-leading DVR is included
  • Cost-saving promo opportunities


  • 3-year TV price guarantee

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