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Boost Mobile has no contract mobile plans from the most budget friendly for casual users to unlimited for power users. Start reading below for our full 2023 review.

Boost Mobile Reviews 2023

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Boost Mobile has long been a great prepaid mobile option for customers who don’t love the idea of being chained to one provider for an extended contract period. Some things have changed since Sprint, the umbrella under which Boost lives, merged with T-Mobile, but many factors have remained constant to ensure the brand’s integrity and consistency as we delve into this new age of mobile.

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Packages and Pricing

As of 2021, Boost Mobile has made some changes to their pricing and packages to create 5 plans all under $50, including adding a brand-new “$hrink-It!” Plan which costs $35/mo after 6 on-time payments and includes mobile hot-spotting, unlimited talk and text, 15 GB of data, and 4G LTE service. The other “under $50” plans for mobile are as follows, and should be noted that these plans can be mixed and matched with any of the 5 total in this category:

Price Data Talk/Text Mobile Hotspot
$10/mo. 1 GB/mo. Unlimited 1 GB - New Customers Only
$15/mo. 2 GB/mo. Unlimited New Customers Only
$25/mo. 5 GB/mo. Unlimited New Customers Only
$35/mo. 10 GB/mo. Unlimited Yes

In addition to the budget plans, Boost Mobile offers unlimited plans for both individuals and family. The Go Unlimited plans are as follows:

Price Data Talk/Text Mobile Hotspot
$50/mo. 35 GB/mo., Unlimited SD Streaming Unlimited Yes
$60/mo. 35 GB/mo., Unlimited HD Streaming Unlimited Yes
$80/mo. Unlimited Unlimited 12 GB

Boost Add-On Services

Boost Mobile offers multiple add-on services that can make your daily life easier, including data packs for when your monthly allotment is growing thin, phone insurance to help you sleep a little easier at night, international services for that European vacation you’re gearing up to take, and even Premium Caller ID that can warn you about spam calls, unknown numbers, and unwanted callers.

Boost Mobile Contracts

Boost, as a prepaid service, is known for its convenience for people who don’t want to get locked into a plan or just prefer to pay as they go through life. With Boost Mobile, you’ll never have to sign a contract for your services, and you won’t be forced into a plan that requires you to stay on for an extended period of time. If you ever feel like switching your provider or canceling services altogether, either call Boost to do so or stop paying and let your services be cut off. If you wish to rejoin, simply contact Boost to resume services.

Boost Mobile Equipment

Why Choose Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid service that is all about convenience. Many other major providers offer some sort of prepaid alternative, but not many can stand up to the value that Boost can offer. Every single plan with Boost Mobile comes without contracts yet still includes top features like unlimited data, talk, and text, as well as the ability to get the latest and greatest phones at prices that won’t break the bank.

In addition, the service plans have the taxes and fees included in the final costs, and come with mobile hotspot abilities, unlimited music streaming, and 99% nationwide coverage. Plus, there’s no roaming charges, so you’ll never have to worry if you accidentally go out of range.

Boost Mobile Coverage

Boost Mobile covers 99% of the nation with voice roaming so that you never have to worry about incurring additional charges. Additionally, since T-Mobile recently merged with Sprint, the provider under which Boost had been, the two major providers brought together their networks to make one incredible wireless network that can give customers far more coverage, much faster speeds, and stronger signals.

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Features and Benefits

Boost makes it easy for mobile users to choose them as a prepaid provider by offering special deals and features that are unmatched by any other provider on the market. In addition, Boost offers opportunities to get top-of-the-line smartphones for affordable prices that won’t empty your wallet.

Military Support

If you’re an active-duty military member, you’ll love the convenience that Boost Mobile offers deployed service men and women. Should you be deployed, Boost allows you to suspend your service without having to cancel it entirely or even deactivate your phone number. And, when you return home, you can reactivate your account without any fees, service charges, or hassle. Easy as that.

Boost Perks

Perhaps one of the best features of Boost Mobile, Boost Perks is essentially a rewards program for exclusive Boost customers that offers fun perks, great deals, and even some chances to win VIP experiences. Joining is super simple – just download the Boost Perks app and log in with your phone number. You’ll have unlimited access to rewards from awesome Boost partners including Papa John’s Pizza, AMC Theatres, Sam’s Club, Circle K, Monster Energy, Fandango Now, and so many more.

Our Recommendation – Boost Mobile

If you’re looking to distance yourself from providers that require you to sign long-term contracts for services, then Boost Mobile may be a great option for you. With the ability to choose from unlimited plans for family and individuals or take your pick and even mix and match from 5 “under $50” plans, there are endless opportunities to get exactly what you need from your mobile provider without putting a dent in your finances.

Plus, since Boost offers amazing perks and features for loyal customers and active-duty military members, as well as deals on the best phones on the market, it’s no wonder more and more people are ditching their contracts for month-to-month 4G LTE service from Boost.

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Boost Mobile


  • Unlimited everything plans available
  • Latest smartphones are available
  • Shrink It Plans: Your monthly payment amount will go down” $5 each time you make 6 on-time payments, up to $15/month in total


  • Uses Sprint’s network, making it better in urban areas
  • No 5G available
  • Limited deals and perks with Boost Perks

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