If you’re a current Spectrum Internet or cable TV user, their mobile service is practically a no-brainer. You’ll be able to consolidate your bills into a single bill, and you’ll most likely already meet all of Spectrum Mobile’s requirements, with the exception of purchasing a new phone. Taking advantage of Spectrum Mobile can save you a considerable amount of money without compromising. The use of Verizon’s own network means that users benefit from one of the largest networks in the US. So whether you are transferring from Verizon or any of the other providers, you won’t have to worry about losing coverage.

Spectrum’s mix and match capability allows users to get the best price for what they need without overpaying for data they won’t use. So if there is a user in your home that ends up using all the data, assign an unlimited plan top the line and stop worrying about overages. For those that don’t use much data, the By-the-Gig plan can help save even more money and avoid paying unused data.